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We can operate at ranges of over 7500m with the help of Europe’s longest cabl

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We handle those things that are out of your reach.

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Diving and underwater photography – experts in underwater inspections at your service

Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy is a Finnish expert company founded in 2018 that specializes in traditional diving work and underwater imaging using the newest technology available. Our company’s primary fields of operations are related to mapping, research, construction and search services in the underwater context. Our mandate is broad and we are flexible and adaptable depending on our customer’s needs. As experienced experts in underwater inspections, we always give our own views on the task at hand to ensure the final results is the best it can be.

We handle the tunnel and piping inspections for power plants and waterworks, inspections of underwater structures, mapping of water areas as well as sampling. With our piping and tunnel inspections, you get valuable information about their condition. Our underwater mapping gives information about the condition of components including water pipes, electrical cables, fairways, docks and others..

A passion for water

Demanding underwater imaging and inspections are our everyday work. Our staff is innovative and made up of a diverse group of professionals. Our company is highly ranked and appreciated in the industry on an international scale. We are ready and able to quickly mobilize for all sorts of underwater projects.

Muddy water and even zero visibility are not a problem for us


IIn 2016, we developed a 3D Scanner for ROV equipment, which enables us to perform tunnel inspections even at zero visibility. The results obtained by the method are clear and unique. 

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Recent jobs:

  • Underwater tunnel inspections
  • Piping inspections
  • Inspection of harbour areas
  • Waterway inspections
  • Inspections of underwater power cables
  • Floor mapping of water areas
  • Sampling
  • Consultation and training
  • Searching for metal objects
  • Field work in marine archaeology
  • Other diving projects
  • UXO work
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Further information and quote requests:

Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy offers a wide range of underwater project services. Our divers are trained industry professionals and the devices and applications we use are of the highest class of quality. We will be happy to give you more information on our services and different opportunities to inspect challenging sites. We handle diving projects and mapping with the skill of a professional.

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