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Loxus Rov

Diving Robot

Loxus ROV Diving Robot

Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy’s ROV diving robot can be modified to enable the completion of tasks with maximum efficiency. We use Europe’s longest ROV cable; at over 7.5km in length, you have quite the reach. Our long ROV cable allows for the inspection of tunnel structures up to 15km in length, making us a trusted and in-demand operator in underwater work.

What is ROV?

ROV stands for ”remotely operated vehicle”.

Some of our ROV equipment::

Loxus Explorer for demanding conditions: Europe’s longest cable allows us to operate at distances up to 7000m. Lotus Explorer is built to work and equipped with a number of cameras and sonar equipment, making it a very adaptable base for tailored tools. The fibre optic cable-based steering system allows for nearly limitless options for additional equipment.

Equipped for demanding conditions

We have designed and assembled our ROV equipment for work and inspections in demanding, Finnish conditions. In planning, we took into account both the cold and hot conditions as well as demands on the power of the machinery brought about by currents. Murky water and even zero-visibility conditions are not a problem for us.

Our ROV fleet includes various ROV devices of varying sizes to suit all kinds of needs. Our fleet can be equipped with various kinds of sensors and devices. All of our ROV devices have equipment including high-quality video cameras, lights, sonar devices and underwater GPS-based location equipment. Our long experience with diving and expert knowledge of our waters ensure a great result when designing lighting solutions. Our ROV fleet is equipped with high-quality sonar devices that guarantee precise operation, even in conditions of poor visibility. Our ROV fleet also features smaller ROV devices for inspection (including Videoray & Chinook). All of our ROV models have numerous cameras and, as needed, we are able to produce HD-quality images with all of our ROV devices at depths of up to 300m. 

Operational distance of over 7000m and operational depth of over 800m.

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