​Loxus technologies Oy announces a partnership with Loxus Consulting AB

Loxus technologies Oy announces a partnership with Loxus Consulting AB
Leading ROV operator offers tunnel engineering expertise under Loxus trademark

Loxus technologies Oy with over 20 years of experience in professional diving and ROV operations is a leading operator
for inspections of flooded tunnels and pipelines in Europe. Loxus Group company Loxus 3D Tunnel Inspections Oy was
the world’s first company to equip ROV with 3D sonar technology and Teledyne software in 2015. Loxus 3D Tunnel
Inspections Oy is a frontrunner of ROV carried 3D robotics technology and with Europe’s longest ROV steering cable
offers inspection of long tunnel structures.
In 2021 Loxus technologies Oy entered a partnership with Loxus Consulting AB based in Sweden. Loxus Consulting AB
supplies tunnel engineering and geological services for tunnel design and maintenance. Loxus Consulting AB is a newly
established company with experts carrying over 15 years of experience in geological investigation, rock engineering
and tunnel design/ maintenance.
The partnership was created to expand Loxus services to offer a complete service package for an advanced ROV
inspection including 3D data collection and tunnel engineer expertise.
We believe our clients will contribute from collected experience and know-how of our experts for safe, efficient and
cost-saving inspections and maintenance of the flooded tunnels.

We offer:
- Inspection and maintenance plans for flooded and dry tunnels
- ROV inspection of any tunnel dimension up to 7 km from single access point
- Geological inspection of dry tunnels
- 3D multibeam sonar data, photogrammetry (flooded and dry tunnels) and laser scanning data.
- Tunnel engineering expert on site
- Technical report for the inspection including geological and rock engineering evaluation
- Design of technical solutions for rehabilitation works
- Project and Technical management of rehabilitation works
About Loxus Technologies group
Loxus Technologies Oy is based in Finland. Established in 1998. In 2018 subsidiary company Loxus 3D Tunnel Inspections Oy was
established. Loxus Consulting AB established in 2020 in Sweden is a partner of Loxus Technologies group. Loxus Technologies
group’s main areas of business include a wide range of professional underwater diving and ROV operations and consulting. We
operate worldwide! Our client including hydropower stations, fresh and wastewater companies and other large industries have
already made use of our know-how for over 20 years.

Mikko Simola, Andrius Rimsa
Loxus Technologies Group Loxus Consulting AB

Mikko.Simola@loxus.com /+358 40 716 1318 www.Loxus.com Andrius.Rimsa@loxus.com / +46 70 208 3177


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