Products – we offer products including side scan sonar equipment and diving robots

Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy represents manufacturers, including the following:

  • Seamor Marine – ROV producer from Canada.
  • Epron - ROV producer from Latvia
  • Imagenex – Producer of sonar and side scan sonar equipment from Canada.
  • C-Max – High-quality side scan sonar systems with a number of frequency options.

Presentation: SEAMOR Marine Chinook ROV

The CHINOOK is an industrial grade inspection ROV with a wide range of capabilities. Explore depths of 300 m (1,000 ft) with the standard vehicle or 600 m (2,000 ft) with the deep water version.
A true workhorse, the CHINOOK offers a stable platform yet remains compact. With its small profile, the CHINOOK can operate in tight places and is easily stowed when not in use. Multiple handles and frame cross members allow two people to handle this ROV with ease.
For greater versatility, customize your CHINOOK by adding accessories such as extra thrusters, navigational and searching aids, manipulators, tool skids and more.

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    • Lightweight and portable
    • Runs off of standard mains AC (110 or 240 VAC)
    • Can be operated from the shore, a dock, or a relatively small boat
    • Easy deployment, operation and recovery
    • Open frame and modular components
    • Rugged construction; field-repairable twisted pair tether, or, high-bandwidth fiber-optic tether
    • Delivered in four portable PelicanTM cases
    • Customizable platform for tooling and sensors
    • UPGRADES AVAILABLE: Scanning sonar, multibeam sonar, and more!

    Target industry uses

    • Aquaculture
    • Forensics/Search and Recovery
    • Hydro Dam Inspection
    • Marine Security
    • Pipeline Inspection
    • Potable Water
    • Recreational
    • Marine Research
    • Structural Analysis
    • Salvage Operations


    • Intuitive controller
    • High-resolution color, zoom camera
    • Variable speed & directional ROV control
    • Integrated controller with LCD monitor & Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    • Manual and automatic camera focus control
    • Depth-rated to 300 m (1000 ft) or 600 m (2,000 ft) with deep-water model
    • Up to six (6) powerful thrusters
    • Auto depth, auto heading functions
    • Leak detection warning system
    • Tether-launchable


    • Electric wind tether reel
    • Sonar integration
    • 3D positioning and tracking system integration
    • Auxiliary LED lighting
    • Dual-function gripper (open/close and jaw rotation) and/or cutter
    • Skid-mount instrumentation or tooling platforms
    • CT / UT probe integration
    • Auto altitude