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Loxus ROV Diving Robot

What’s a ROV?

ROV stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle. It is a remote-controlled underwater robot that we call a ROV.

Our ROV fleet

Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy’s diverse ROV diving fleet can be modified to complete underwater inspections and other tasks in the most effective way possible. We use Europe’s longest ROV steering cable, which allows the inspection of long tunnel structures in a shorter time. Our remote-controlled diving robot uses steerable lights, cameras, sonar, sensors and arms to inspect tunnel structures, and transfers information, images and videos via the optical fibre cable connection to the steering centre, from which the inspection can be monitored online. Structures imaged with sonar technology are delivered as 3D models you can virtually dive into later, even in the office. Our fleet includes various sizes of ROVs.

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  • loxus 3d tunnel inspection rov underwater

Introducing the Loxus Explorer

The Loxus 3D Explorer is an adaptable workhorse, which has no fear of unpleasant places and is designed for challenging conditions. Its design takes account of extremely difficult inspection and working conditions. It does its work in strong currents, hot and cold conditions, murky water and zero-visibility. The Explorer’s powerful propellers, high-performance lights, high-quality video cameras, sonar scanners, other additional equipment tailored to the customer’s needs, sensors and arms are the result of ambitious product development. The Explorer is the world’s first diving robot to use 3D sonar technology and Teledyne software.

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