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3D Tunnel Inspection

In 2016, we developed a 3D scanner that attaches to our ROV fleet, allowing us to complete tunnel inspections in zero-visibility conditions. We have inspected dozens of kilometres of underwater tunnels. We made 3D models of those tunnels. The results are clear and unique. 

Our unique 360° scanning equipment produces an online 3D model of the environment it has photographed. With the model you can visualize all objects, even those with a diameter as small as 2 cm. The 3D image can then be used for the inspection of tunnel conditions and also afterwards in an office environment. The method is reliable, quick and ensures noticeable savings in costs for the customer.. 

ROV Diving Robot

Our ROV fleet can be modified to enable the completion of tasks with maximum efficiency. We use Europe’s longest ROV cable at over 7.5km in length, allowing us to inspect tunnel structures up to 15km in length.

Our ROV fleet also features various sizes of ROV devices for different needs.
 Our fleet can be equipped with various kinds of sensors and devices.
 All of our ROV devices have equipment including high-quality video cameras, lights, sonar devices and underwater GPS-based location equipment.

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