Tunnel Inspections

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Tunnel Inspection with 3D technology

Loxus was the first in the world to develop a 360° 3D scanner that can be attached to the ROV fleet, as well as software that allows us to receive online 3D images of the tunnels with an accuracy of up to 2cm, even in zero-visibility conditions. We also make 3D models of the inspected tunnels, which can be studied later at the office. Data gathered from the model can be used to evaluate issues such as the condition of the site, the maintenance need, as well as costs and scheduling. During the inspection, our modifiable equipment is able use its sensors and arms to complete various tasks as agreed prior to the inspection. This method is safe and fast and provides notable cost savings for our customers!

Let’s make a plan together

Make use of our know-how and plan a tunnel inspection with us. Avoid sudden interruptions in production and save on maintenance costs by being proactive. Order a Loxus 3D inspection plan. Read more here.

The following video explains the unique nature of the system in an illustrative way.

Inquiries and quote requests

We will provide all of the information needed about mapping your site. We are also happy to further explain the methods we use and provide more information on costs.

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