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Tunnel Inspections

Tunnel Inspection with 3D technology

In 2016, Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy developed a 3D scanner that could be attached to its ROV fleet. Thanks to the developed method, we are able to complete tunnel inspections, even in conditions of zero-visibility. We make a 3D modelling of the underwater tunnels that are inspected and make use of the available information as necessary in the project. The tunnel inspection with our 3D technology is a reliable way to ensure the condition of the object

Inspections online and at the office

Our unique 360° scanning equipment produces an online 3D model of the environment it has photographed. With the model you can visualize all objects, even those with a diameter as small as 2cm. The 3D image can then be used for the inspection of tunnel conditions and also afterwards in an office environment. The method is reliable, quick and ensures noticeable savings in costs for the customer.

Learn more about one of our projects from 2016 here

The following video explains the unique nature of the system in an illustrative way.

Inquiries and quote requests

We will give all necessary information about the mapping of your site. We will be happy to further explain our methods and to give more information about costs involved. Loxus 3D Tunnelinspections Oy serves the entire Southern Finland region. Tunnel inspection with 3D technology–Inquiries and quote requests are handled quickly when submitted by telephone or by sending a message..

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