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Loxus Consulting is partner of Loxus Technologies group. Loxus Consulting supplies tunnel engineering and geological services for tunnel design and maintenance.


Loxus Consulting was founded by Andrius Rimsa in 2020. 

Andrius Rimsa, PhD Geology, during 2002- 2007 completed his doctoral dissertation focusing on zircon U-Pb geochronology and petrology on metamorphic rocks in Sweden and India. In 2007, he worked at Sweden Geological Survey as a field geologist and was responsible for field mapping and geochronological studies. Since 2008 engaged as consultant with the roll as project/technical manager, expert in geology and rock/tunnel engineering to the clients at Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), mining companies, industries and municipalities. 2014-2020 Andrius Rimsa has been head of department for Infra design and Rock engineering.

Andrius Rimsa


Our expertise is based on 20 years of experience of geological investigation, rock engineering and tunnel design/ maintenance.

Key areas of service:

  • Technical/ Project/ Site management
  • Geological investigation program
  • Planning and execution of rock tunnel inspections
  • Geological reports for tunnel design
  • Geological reports for tunnel inspections by means of physical inspection and ROV inspection of flooded tunnels
  • Maintenance plans for dry and flooded rock tunnels

Key reference projects executed by Andrius Rimsa:

2019- TSK20 Tvärförbindelse Södertörn- Detail design, Trafikverket

Technical manager Rock Engineering for Detail design. Tasks include the design of two, highway standard rock tunnel systems, including technical spaces and escape routes, as well as the design of rock slopes in road sections.

2019- 2020 Henriksdal and Bromma wastewater treatment plant, SVOA 

Assignment manager/expert Rock engineering for geological inspection of Henriksdal and Bromma wastewater treatment plant. Inspection of rock facility, proposed maintenance measures, technical support.

2019 ROV Inspection of freshwater tunnel Norrköping, Holmen Paper (Link to presentation of the assignment on LinkedIn)

Project and technical management for inspection of freshwater tunnel (7 km) with ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle). Assessment of rock quality and existing rock reinforcement with video observation and 3D sonar scanning.

2016 - 2020 Norrbotniabanan Umeå-Dåva, Dåva- Grysjön, Trafikverket. 

Technical manager Rock Engineering for Preliminary design. Tasks include the design of railway rock tunnel and the design of rock slopes.

2013 - 2016 Inspection of 22 rock tunnels in the Oslo region. Vegvesenet, Noway

Assignment leader and inspector for main inspection of rock tunnels, including proposals for maintenance program.

2014 - 2015 Fresh Water System Renovation, Mondi Dynäs AB (Link to details on this assignment on LinkedIn) : 

Project Manager/Site manager / expert Geologist for ROV inspection, renovation of water-filled 7 km freshwater tunnel (Ådalstunneln) in Kramförs. Scope of the assignment:

  • inspection of freshwater tunnel using underwater robot (ROV),
  • design of dewatering depot and turbidity curtains,
  • emptying of bottom sediment in tunnel,
  • production of drawing material for the tunnel in plan and profile,
  • geological condition assessment and documentation of damages,
  • compilation of inspection report with maintenance plan.

2013 - 2014 CityLink Tunnel. SVK, Swedish power grid company 

Technical manager for geological investigation and preliminary design for a 13 km long TBM tunnel under Stockholm. Design includes geological investigation and technical reports for tunnel design.

2012 Svappavaara open pit mine. LKAB Berg & Betong 

Rock stability inspection of the open pit mine in Svappavaara. Field inspection and technical management.

2008-2009 Södra Länken- Main inspection. Vägverket Main inspection of rock, shotcrete and installations according to BaTMan as a warranty inspection of the entire tunnel system.


Andrius Rimsa, Afry /Loxus Consulting AB
Mikko Simola, Loxus 3D Tunnel inspections Oy
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